Survey Design

rjs data group customizes all of our surveys to your company's culture, values and human performance criteria. We give you the flexibility and capability to build your survey as you see fit.

Survey design features include the ability to include franchise required questions, localized questions and the choice of over 40 languages. We provide the customized survey tool that meets all your needs.

Types of Surveys

Survey Administration Tools

In the past, Workforce Opinion Surveys have required a large time commitment from corporate staff; we help eliminate most of the time by giving you the option of delegating the responsibility to the property level. With our on-line survey administration, your Hotel Managers will be able to register for the survey, order surveys, select languages and conduct the survey using easy-to-follow administration guidelines all in one simple process.

Campaign Tools

Participation is what makes a Workforce Opinion Survey successful. The professional promotion of a survey has also been a time thief. Once again we have helped eliminate the need for you to design and distribute promotional material. Our promotional library includes all the posters and promotional material needed to successfully and professionally promote the survey!

Reporting Tools

Now here.s where the rubber meets the road. The rjs data group Workforce Opinion Survey System allows you to access the results immediately after the survey period. Your managers will be able to run a variety of reports right from their property. Corporate Administrators will be able to run reports by property, hotel type, brand, region and much more. Plus, results for franchise questions will be electronically sent to the franchise company to ensure compliance.

Our Data Matrix allows you to upload other data for comparison. For instance if you wanted to see how your Guest Satisfaction related to your Workforce Opinions. you have that ability. Any relatable data can be uploaded for comparison.

Action Planning

The reason for conducting a Workforce Opinion Survey is to identify those areas where employees are satisfied the most and those areas where improvements can be made. Effective action planning after the survey is just as important as conducting the survey itself. rjs data group offers your managers the tools they need to organize and prepare for feedback meetings with their employees in a way that encourages their team to work together to make improvements in the workplace.

Employee Anonymity

rjs data group has the experience to know that security and anonymity are critical to the survey process. We offer you a Workforce Opinion Survey System that insures the data gathered and all results remain secure. We use standard HT Access controls, 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and implement a RBAC (Role Based Access Controls) system to offer finite control over system functionality.

Our system is W3C compliant making our system cross-browser compatible (MSIE, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.) and our system utilizes many WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) techniques to help you reach a more diverse audience.

Employee Engagement

Leadership Teams

Corporate Office

Increase Engagement At Every Level

A talented staff gives you a major source of differentiation. Achieving this advantage or edge through people requires that your organization successfully attracts and retains talent by engaging the spirit of your employees at all levels.